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Elsa x Liam Litter

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DOB November 20,2022


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Wood Ridge Let It Go



Elsa x Liam Litter


DOB 11-20-22     

6 Males, 3 Females

Litter pedigree

Puppies ready for their new homes at 9 weeks old, beginning January 21, 2023!


Bring a puppy home for the New Year!


Elsa and puppies on their "birth" day!

Elsa is a tender and attentive mamma.

Puppies at one week old.  11-27-22


Puppies are two weeks old! Amidst lots of snoozing and growing, eyes and ears are beginning to open, and puppies are testing out their legs.   12-4-22


Puppies are 3 weeks old. They are toddling around, experimenting with their voices, and learning to drink from a bowl. They are adorable!  12-11-22

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 2.57.49 PM.png

1/28/23 - SOLD

Two available male golden retriever puppies!

These puppies are very mild-mannered.


Mr. Green

Mr. Blue


Liam belongs to Amy B. Connor.

Puppies are four weeks old. They are loving their meals from the bowl, vocalizing, playing with toys, and becoming accustomed to the litter box. 12-18-22.                (Click on arrows to see the slide show.)


We use the Pup School app for sound proof puppy training, acclimating puppies to different everyday noises like thunderstorms, children playing, lawnmowers, etc.

Puppies are five weeks old! They are eating on their own, using their litter box with some regularity, joyfully engaging with toys, and wrestling with each other. Visitors have provided great opportunities for socialization. This is a very entertaining and compatible litter!


(Click on arrows to see the slide show.)

Happy New Year!

Puppies are six weeks old. Since the weather has been mild, they are able to be outside enjoying playtime, new experiences, and building muscle and coordination. Puppies are also voluntarily crating themselves for naps and quiet time.


(click on arrows to see the slide show or expand the pictures)

Time has flown! The puppies are 8 weeks old and full of adventure.They are sturdy enough to handle the larger grassy space, which they love. It's fun to romp around, over, and through all of the play structures, chase each other, and play tug.     1-16-23

(click on arrows to see the slide show or expand the pictures)

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