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Before they are born, Wood Ridge puppies are a twinkle in our eye and imagination. We envision our puppies in the homes of families like ours, where our four-footed friends will be beloved family members. To that end, we do everything we can to ensure our puppies are healthy, socialized, and confident.

A puppy started with a solid foundation can excel in a multitude of areas: companion, therapy, rally, agility etc.


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a routine of five simple daily exercises from days 3-16. ENS leads to puppies that are more resilient and less easily stressed. Read more here.


Routine exposure to novel items creates brave and curious puppies!

Maui was housebroken within the first week of being home,

Jake is probably the most well-rounded puppy I’ve ever had.  He is so smart. 


Puppies are acclimated to crates as part of their typical environment, and we litter train puppies to facilitate later house training.


Puppy Information

If you are interested in a current or future Wood Ridge golden retriever puppy, please thoughtfully complete and then submit our Puppy Inquiry ~ Questionnaire.


Due to high demand, we are unable to answer all inquiries. We recommend continuing your search on - Find a Puppy.

We accept a holding fee to reserve a puppy. Prior to the holding fee, our Purchase Contract is shared and discussed. When feasible, each reservation is according to litter and preferred gender. Upon the receipt of the holding fee, we offer an appointments for prospective Wood Ridge puppy owners to to visit our puppies on the weekend when they are five to six weeks old. At this visit, a puppy may be chosen. We also provide ample information on how to prepare for your puppy's homecoming.

Puppies are available for their new homes at eight weeks old. Prior to leaving us, all puppies receive one puppy vaccine, are de-wormed routinely, and visit the vet for a health check. Puppies are microchipped and enrolled in AKC Reunite.

When you bring your Wood Ridge golden retriever puppy home, you are adding a new member to your family! To ensure the health and happiness of your relationship with your puppy and with us as breeders and partners, you will receive the following: written contract, AKC registration certificate, multi-generation pedigree, record of inoculations and vaccinations, specific directions for caring for your puppy, veterinary certificate of good health, and a written explanation of our warranty.

*We are located in beautiful central New Jersey, equidistant to both New York City and Philadelphia.

*We do not ship puppies.

Our Needs and Expectations


Caring well for our dogs and puppies is a priority in our lives. Please understand that we must limit visits to prescribed times, dates, and schedules.


In order to meet your needs and ours, mutual flexibility is essential.

Email is the best way for us to address your questions and concerns in a timely fashion. 

We are wholeheartedly devoted to the well-being of your puppy. We will give you lots of written information about the health and care of your puppy. We will talk at length during your visits and are then available for consultation once you take your puppy home.

Recent science tells us that heredity plays an approximate 20% role in the health of your dog. The rest is up to you!  

TLC is great (and fun!) for you and your puppy, but it's not enough. You must practice sound health care, nutrition, exercise, and training. It's essential to know your growing puppy's developmental needs. We expect Wood Ridge puppy owners to be educated and responsible. We are here to help you along the way.

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