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I' July 2024 ~  1 Female still available from Elsa x Liam.

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Magnolia has adjusted well and is doing great. She is bright, smart and giving us lots of laughs. The kids were so surprised and are both in love with her!



Boomer will be turning 9 on May 17 so we think it’s time to get him a little buddy.

Do you have moms/dads in the same line as Boomer? I ask because he has the best temperament of any dog we have ever had including 2 other goldens.

While they have gone by fast, the past ten months have been truly special having Daisy in our family.  She has brought us so much joy, love and laughter. 


Teddy had a great 1st birthday!! Between Christmas  and his birthday he couldn’t have been happier! He loves being outside and the snow!

In Oct. 2013, I picked up my puppy Riley. He is now seven years old. How time flies! He has been such a tremendous joy in our family. 

We are loving Brooklyn from your 2014 litter. She is still doing great and in great health here in Baltimore. I want to surprise my wife with another pup from you. Can I get another amazing puppy from you in the future? We would love Brooklyn to have that in her life and ours. 

This week our beautiful little girl turned 2. She's about 74lbs., and not very floofy, but beautiful. She is doing great. Highlights for 2020 are CGC, Therapy dog certified, raised a kitten, who now acts like a dog, and Rally-O classes for fun. She is super sweet and loves to learn new things. She loves her daily walks and looks super sad when someone doesn't stop to pet her. 


The training is going well and she’s a good listener (usually). We get SO many compliments about what a beautiful and well mannered dog she is! And her crimpy ears! Someone just yesterday said she’s the most beautiful golden they’ve ever seen! 


Thanks again for all your guidance through the ups and downs. I hope your whole crew is doing well! 


And finally, we have decided we’d like Daisy to have a sister. If you have any litters coming up in the near future, we’d love to be considered. 


Duncan is very well behaved and doing very well on walks. He has a fabulous recall, doing great with leave it, stay, wait, come,  is good about sitting and getting brushed, lets me brush his teeth… All in all, doing very well.


Thank you for a wonderful puppy!!


I can’t tell you how many people in Hoboken have asked us about where we got Hudson and we are delighted to share our experience with them. Over the year we have heard countless stories of people getting ripped off or having terrible experiences with their breeder and we can still remember how helpful you were providing us with so much information and keeping us updated every step of the way. 

My good friend got her and her beautiful dog Dallas from you. She highly recommended getting a puppy from you.  Just wondering if you have or will be having puppies in the near future?


Ollie has been an incredibly healthy dog, having never been sick a day in his eight years of life. He is more lively than our previous three goldens, but he literally has never growled, nor ever barked in anger. He is smart and obedient and I can walk him off leash. Only a squirrel can effect his excellent obedience. We are interested in getting a little sister or brother for Ollie.

Ohana is honestly the sweetest and silliest dog ever.


Cy has learned the command “Balance”.

He knows to take a firm stance to either help me up a step or just stay beside me to help me keep my balance while I touch his head.  He’s amazing.


I am so thankful for her, especially with the kids doing distance learning.  She got us out of the house walking and playing, and kept us entertained when we were stuck inside and bored.  She is the best and we just love her. 

From a temperament perspective Como has been wonderful. She has a great deal of energy which we love. She is sweet and well behaved and takes well to training. We have truly been so happy and my husband keeps saying how sad he is that he missed out on having/loving dogs for the first 30 years of his life ! :p

We have been attending training classes and are starting agility soon. She was even in our wedding!


We are looking to get another female puppy. I wanted to touch base to see if you were planning on breeding and perhaps put our name on a list...



Everyone who meets Maui falls in love with her adoring, gentle, and affectionate personality.  She is the sweetest.   She also just became a big sister to a little human brother! She is so gentle and loving with him! Maui is respectful of our belongings as well as the baby’s toys! 


We feel extremely lucky to have wound up with her and always laugh about she was the last girl to be chosen because she is truly an angel!  


Abby and Lucy

Abby and Lucy are happy and healthy and have become great friends.  They are living their best life during the pandemic and have been a real comfort during these stressful times!


They enjoy romping around camp in every season, curling up on the couch with us while we watch TV (we love snuggling with them), or wrestling around together.  Abby is the more serious of the two.  Affectionate and playful but takes her big sister role seriously.  Lucy is a total goofball.  Loves attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. And no matter how much love you giver her, she always wants just a little more.


In short, they are simply the best pups ever and we feel so lucky to have them!



Thought I’d share some pictures of Kaia’s birthday celebration 😂. She is such an amazing dog.  Such a great disposition.  We can’t get enough of her!!



Here are a few pictures of Rocky. He's been doing so great. It's hard to believe he'll be 8 in May! He loves his brothers and anything outdoors.  He spends lots of time during the summers in our pool. Swimming might be his favorite activity.  He goes out a few times a week running with my wife and stays in super awesome shape thanks to her.

image1 2_edited.jpg


Arya is doing well; we can't believe she's almost 4! We have been attending training classes and are starting agility soon. She was even in our wedding.

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